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The Pope & Brookes Team

We founded our Firm out of a desire to approach accounting differently. Your financial and tax affairs will receive hands-on attention from our most experienced people - the partners and professionals!

Each of our partners and professionals is an experienced chartered accountant. We spend more time with you individually, and we respond quickly to your needs.

Our partners, professionals, students and administrative personnal work together with you as a team. Unique combinations of experience and knowledge are created just for you and your business. The viewpoint of only one person is not sufficient in today's complex business climate.

We take the extra time at the outset to get to know a client, and especially to put ourselves in our clients' shoes. At Pope & Brookes LLP you get the whole Firm - everything we have to offer. A client may work primarily with one of us, but others are called upon to best serve your particular needs.

Pope & Brookes LLP is an experienced, aggressive and progressive Firm. Our Firm is extremely proud of its heritage which traces its roots back to 1984. By using our experience to develop a clear understanding of our clients' unique needs and a good working relationship with their key people, we help them accelerate growth and profitability.

We want to be an integral part of your success.
If you succeed, we succeed.

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