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Taxes can be the largest expense you face and planning for them is vital to your success.

Without proper management, taxes can eat into your profits and rapidly erode your wealth.

We help you manage all aspects of taxes and keep them to a minimum. We can advise you on the tax effects of all personal or business transactions, including buying a home, buying or selling a business, transferring a business to family members, and making investments.

When called in advance of any transaction, we can often reveal startling tax consequences and help you develop alternative strategies to maximize your cash flow after taxes. You receive the benefit of our in-depth knowledge of the ever-changing tax laws, as well as the broad experience of all our partners and professionals.

Our ongoing, working relationship with you puts us in a position to advise you on tax matters more effectively than once-a-year consultants. With a thorough understanding of your financial goals, we help you take advantage of tax saving opportunities you might otherwise miss. And when it comes to the Canada Revenue Agency, we deal with them, and let you get on with your business.

Tax management is about minimizing the inevitable tax effect of often-complicated circumstances over a period of years. Tax management involves working as a team with the client to plan actions that optimize tax positions. For example, we have used tax-deferred transfers to save significant tax dollars for numerous clients. International tax planning has also resulted in sizeable tax savings for our clients. We continue to strive to identify tax planning techniques that maximize the amount of dollars available to our clients.

Ultimately, success is not based solely on what you earn,
but what you retain after paying the taxman.
With careful tax management, we'll help you retain
the maximum amount of after-tax dollars
from your profits and investments.

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