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Pope & Brookes Privacy Policy

Pope & Brookes LLP ("P & B") Privacy Policy is our commitment to the protection of client privacy for all of your personal and/or corporate information that you disclose to us.

Collection and Disclosure of Personal Information

The purpose for retention of your personal and/or corporate information by P & B is documented in the engagement letter entered into with P & B prior to professional services being provided to you. The information collected pertains only to the areas of auditing, accounting, tax, and consulting services that are to be provided to you by P & B.

P & B is governed by the rules of professional conduct applicable to Chartered Accountants who practice in Canada. As such, information on our clients or past clients can only be disclosed in accordance with these rules of professional conduct and with the expressed permission of the client involved.

Our retention policy is as follows:
  • Information on current clients is retained indefinitely in order to provide effective future services; and
  • Information on past clients is retained for a period of 10 years from the year in which the services were performed.

These retention services exceed those currently prescribed by relevant legislative statutes.

Safeguards and Security

P & B provides the appropriate physical, technological and internal controls to safeguard all personal and corporate information in our possession.

IP Addresses and Cookies

P & B does not collect and save user/client information when users visit our web site.


If any further information is required on our Privacy Policy, please contact the Privacy Officer:

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